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Premium home arcade console

From Kickstarter to retail launch and beyond, our media coverage includes reviews, holiday gift guides and features from various publications who have covered iiRcade. Outlets include IGN, Newsweek, USA Today, Yahoo, Digital Trends, The Gamer, Gamespot and Electronic Gaming Monthly to name a few. 


We also secured appearances on The Price is Right where iiRcade was used as a prize on the show.

"Best Arcade Machine" - IGN, 2021

 "This arcade machine is pure gaming bliss." - Newsweek

“The iiRcade is a well-made cabinet with great-feeling joysticks and buttons. The expanding library of games includes some surefire hits as well as plenty of hidden gems. As a centerpiece cabinet capable of housing hundreds of titles, the iiRcade has a ton of potential.” – Gamespot

“If you’re looking to level up your home arcade experience, iiRcade’s growing library of new and retro titles, online functionality and quality construction are as promising as a pocket full of game tokens.” - Electronic Gaming Monthly

“The iiRcade is an ingenious home arcade system that feels future-proofed next to other machines. It’s high build quality elevates it well past the point of novelty and makes it feel like a sturdy investment for hardcore enthusiasts.” - Digital Trends

“Overall the iiRcade is a fantastic machine that is well worth the investment. I highly recommend this for anyone looking for an arcade cabinet.” - Cool Gadgets & Stuff

“No doubt about it – iiRcade is among the best-looking home arcades on the market. A vivid display, ear-shattering sound, and powerful internals make it a product that will serve you well for years to come.” – The Gamer


"Best Arcade Machine" - IGN, 2021

 "This arcade machine is pure gaming bliss." - Newsweek

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