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We have spearheaded successful media outreach campaigns that have landed thousands of North American and International media hits for businesses ranging from tech startups to software firms to clothing companies (see our client list). 


We utilize personal media contacts to secure national news coverage with top media outlets including Time Magazine, ABC, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Fox, NBC, CBS, CNN, CNBC, CTV, BBC, CBC, Global TV and leading regional/local news outlets including WGN, New York One and KTLA. 


We have built relationships outside of North America that have led to international coverage in the UK, Ireland, Australia, India, Latin America, China and Canada. 


We create social media campaigns and we have established relationships with the Internet media and bloggers that have led to dozens of stories on influential internet news sites, social networking sites, blogs and forums.

Client Broadcast Coverage

Client Broadcast Coverage

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"Dynavistics is very impressed with the media coverage generated by PRmediaNow. They have great personal contacts and are wonderful to work with." - Pamela McDaniel, Dynavistics


"There is no question that our business has been boosted by the work put in by Colin and Scott and a significant part our of success is due to their efforts." - Dr. John Bart,
"PRmediaNow has been amazing getting my company great exposure in print, on TV and on the internet in such a short period of time." - Sean Miller,
"PRmediaNow helped us attain countless media mentions and several in-depth newspaper, radio and television pieces.  I would recommend PRmediaNow again and again." - Erin Richards,


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