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Consumer Products, Tech, Crowdfunding Campaign PR, Media Outreach

When it comes to crowdfunding, you’ll be working with an experienced team that includes former journalists and producers, media researchers, writers and PR Pros. We have a proven track record of delivering big results for some of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns ever. PRmediaNow followed up the record breaking $11.5 million-dollar BauBax Travel Jacket campaign (on Kickstarter & Indiegogo), with the with 15 additional million-dollar + campaigns to date. We have helped our crowdfunding clients raise more than $100 million since 2014. 

Our new clients come from referrals, from creators of crowdfunding products who recommend us as the best agency for securing valuable media coverage that helped their campaigns succeed.

PRmediaNow specializes in PR and media outreach - we don’t spread ourselves thin by claiming to be masters of all elements of campaign marketing. Instead we work in tandem with the best in each specialty area including the crowdfunding industry’s top social marketing and ad specialist (and his team) to execute paid media and social marketing efforts. We also work with crowdfunding video producers and email lead generation specialists – personal introductions to these exclusive marketing relationships are made upon client request.   

Media Outreach

To get to know our clients better, we start with a thorough consultation that includes interviewing you the way a reporter would. This allows us to explore the different angles that we believe would be interesting to reporters. If we find out your CEO has a Black Belt, runs triathlons or other interesting tidbits (including hometown, college, etc), there is a good chance we can weave this into a story pitch that could lead to additional media coverage.

We specialize in getting your story in the news, with the biggest media outlets, top sites and on the pages of the biggest newspapers/magazines and their respective online assets. We subscribe to the most extensive media list services in the world, so we always have up-to-date contacts at all major media outlets and blogs. We pitch your story to these reporters, editors and bloggers, along with former media colleagues and personal contacts from past successful campaigns. Our personal relationships with media who have covered our biggest past clients are invaluable.

We target the top product reviewers, bloggers, Internet Journalists and Influencers. We also use creative viral techniques on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to connect you with valuable customers beyond traditional media consumers. 

Press Releases

We specialize in writing 'newsy' press releases that tell a story and look like news. We can make mundane corporate announcements read like breaking news. We are also not shy when it comes to suggesting to a client that certain announcements are not newsworthy. We recommend putting out press releases that are compelling and relevant so that reporters look forward to hearing from your company.

Professional Client Broadcast Interviews
We also host Q&A interviews on client websites and/or social platforms (Live or recorded) with Cyndi Edwards or Colin Trethewey from our team serving as a host/interviewer. Cyndi has 25 years of experience hosting syndicated TV news shows while Colin spent 12 years as a news, business and technology anchor and reporter. 

We use a streaming service that broadcasts interviews (on FB-Live/YouTube/company-websites) with execs in remote locations and with images/videos added to conversations to make it more visual. This allows us to create “owned content” where we control the narrative, engage with followers/stakeholders (via FB comments), and stay proactive sharing updates/recaps about exciting recent developments.

Media Training

We have very strong contacts in the broadcast news world. Our team includes a former news broadcaster and a national network producer who provide training for on-camera interviews. We also conduct practice interviews for online and print articles to prepare your spokespeople and help them provide the best answers for reporters.

Crisis Management

We consult with management and then react on the PR front to make sure any minor crisis does not become a major one. We are strong writers who can put out an urgent press release and head off any developing problems before they become an issue. Our policy is to be proactive and react quickly.

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