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We specialize in securing valuable media coverage targeting customers and investors for publicly traded companies, startups, product launches, crowdfunding campaigns and the cannabis industry
Successful PR campaigns that have landed thousands of media hits driving traffic, customers, investors, sales, funding and raising brand recognition for valued clients
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What We Do

Our team of journalists, producers, media researchers and PR Pros delivers Public Relations programs that lead to valuable media & viral social exposure, website traffic, customer acquisition, product sales & funding.

Why Choose Us?

Our personal relationships with influential media, who have covered our past successful PR campaigns, are invaluable to new clients. Having worked in the media, we have an insider’s advantage.

When to Hire Us?

Whether you're launching a new product, promoting a compelling story, looking to surpass a crowdfunding goal or generating investor interest, we share your story with your targeted audiences and stakeholders.

Professional Client Broadcast Interviews

We also host Q&A interviews on client websites and/or social platforms (Live or recorded) with Cyndi Edwards or Colin Trethewey from our team serving as a host/interviewer. Cyndi has over 20 years of experience hosting syndicated TV news shows while Colin spent 12 years as a news, business and technology anchor and reporter. 

We use a streaming service that broadcasts interviews (on FB-Live/YouTube/company-websites) with execs in remote locations and with images/videos added to conversations to make it more visual. This allows us to create “owned content” where we control the narrative, engage with followers/stakeholders (via FB comments), and stay proactive sharing updates/recaps about exciting recent developments.

Awarding Winning North American PR Agency