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Strategy & Approach

Experienced Journalists Pitch Your Story to Personal Contacts  

We leverage our personal media contacts and utilize a live media database that includes all reporters in North America. We pitch specific beat reporters related to your company, story, product and website and we position your company executives as 'go to' expert sources for topics that fit your expertise. 


How We Secure Media Coverage  

As veteran Journalists and PR Pros we know the secrets to securing media coverage. We treat the media like valued customers and we respond to their queries in seconds and minutes (not hours). We give journalists timely, compelling, custom story ideas and our clients get rewarded with great coverage. Our team brings a customer service approach to every conversation with journalists and we speak to them from a journalist's perspective. This leads to a high percentage of our pitches becoming stories for clients.  


Stories that Impact Viewers, Readers and Listeners get Covered

We know the importance of offering reporters 'people stories' rather than 'company stories'. Reporters have to pitch their editors and news assignment desks to get approval for coverage. The only way they get the green light is to do stories about people and stories that affect people. We always include timely angles that impact viewers, listeners and readers to help reporters get approval to cover stories about our clients.


Web 2.0, Social Media Strategy

Our social media strategy includes sharing your story in Facebook, writing blog posts, creating a YouTube video library with site tutorials and news stories, as well as creating a Twitter profile. On Twitter we make daily posts and "follow" journalists, bloggers and the general public who may be interested in hearing about your company. We also work on building lists of "followers" so they see updates every time we post about your company on Twitter. This strategy has led to hits from journalists who make initial contact with us on Twitter. It also leads to a viral following for your company.



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