PRmediaNow specializes in securing valuable media coverage for businesses ranging from publicly traded companies and tech startups to crowdfunding campaigns and the cannabis industry 
We've spearheaded successful PR and media outreach campaigns that have landed thousands of North American and International media hits helping to drive traffic, customers, investors, sales, funding and raise brand recognition
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What We Do

Our team of journalists, producers, media researchers and PR Pros delivers Public Relations programs that lead to valuable media & viral social exposure, website traffic, customer acquisition, product sales & funding.

Why Choose Us?

Our personal relationships with influential media, who have covered our past successful PR campaigns, are invaluable to new clients. Having worked in the media, we have an insider’s advantage.

When to Hire Us?

Whether you're launching a new product, promoting a compelling story, looking to surpass a crowdfunding goal or generating investor interest, we share your story with your targeted audiences and stakeholders.

SKIIN - The Ellen Show
FaceCradle - Business Insider
BauBax - Fox News
Ravean - Maxim
Golchi - Business Insider
Nomatic - NY Post
  • 2020 - Award of Excellence, News Release Writing, PRestige Awards

  • 2019 - Best News Release Writing, PRSA Sunshine District Radiance Award 

  • 2019 - Best Media Relations Tactics Finalist, PRSA Palm Awards

  • 2017-2020 - Media Relations Tactics, PRSA Sunshine District Radiance Awards

  • 2019, 2018, 2016 - Best Media Relations Tactics, PRestige Awards

  • 2020, 2017 - Award of Excellence, Media Relations, PRestige Awards

  • 2020, 2018,  2017 - Best Media Kit Tactics, PRestige Awards

We've has helped companies raise over $100M, including working with 16 million-dollar + crowdfunding campaigns & 90+ campaigns that have raised between $100k - $1 Million: 
PRmediaNow Discussing Kickstarter Campaigns on ABC7
BauBax - $9.2M
BauBax - $9.2M
Ravean - $1.3M
Ravean - $1.3M
Luuup - $1.1M
Luuup - $1.1M
Nomatic - $1.7M
Nomatic - $1.7M
FaceCradle - $1.1M
FaceCradle - $1.1M
Barracuda - $1.2M
Barracuda - $1.2M
Awarding Winning North American PR Firm

PRmediaNow is a proud supporter and Pro Bono PR partner of End Distracted Driving ( and the Casey Feldman Memorial Foundation. PRmediaNow booked EndDD on the Today Show to raise awareness for their important cause. To learn more about EndDD please see their TODAY SHOW appearance.

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